At Muscat Flora Garden Centre one can find everything one can imagine relating to Pets, Gardening and Garden Furniture together with Christmas related items.

Everybody has heard of Muscat Flora and rightly so, since the name has been in business for the past 70 years. From its humble beginnings which saw grandpa Anthony Muscat selling citrus trees, plants, and insecticides from the first tiny shop, his son Charles  eventually launched a small pet-shop and flower-shop in Msida in 1968. He eventually took on the issue of expansion by launching the Muscat Flora Garden Centre in 1982.  When third generation son Randolph Muscat came on the scene, this successful family business was ready to move on to new expansive premises in St Venera and still house the largest assortment of pets and gardening needs, accessories and furniture on the islands.


Excellent service, punctual opening hours, a wide and varied stock, hard work and determination all go into making Muscat Flora what it is today. The store offers a large selection of garden furniture, gardening products, plants and trees, all kinds of pet foods and related accessories. Christmas-time sees the shop annually being transformed into a huge Christmas Shop with all types of Christmas trees, lights and decorations.


If you're a garden fan, an animal lover or just want to choose the perfect flowerpot to give away, Muscat Flora has all you could ever dream of. Visit Muscat Flora for the right kind of inspiration.

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